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Video: Court News: Check-In Kiosks Ease Montgomery County Court’s Caseflow

Press Releases:

August 1, 2023:  New Tool Helps People Represent Selves

July 25, 2023: Local News Report on Launch of Self-Help Center

July 25, 2023: Virtual Self-Help Center

May 3, 2023: Law Day Press Release

June 22, 2021: Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court Awarded Supreme Court Technology Grant

March 9, 2021: Ohio Legal Help and Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court to Create Virtual Self-Help Center

February 10, 2020: Temporary Protection Orders - I- Team Investigation

February 20, 2019: WHIO speaks to Artemis VLP lawyers about Domestic Relations cases

November 20, 2015: One-Year Anniversary for KIOSKS, Pro Se Workshops, & Domestic Violence Wallet Cards

October 7, 2014: Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court Unveils Domestic Violence Protection Order Wallet Card

September 19, 2014: Free Pro Se Workshops - MC Domestic Relations Court   

June 13, 2014: Kiosk Press Release:

November 22, 2013: Montgomery County Participates in Domestic Relations Summit Regional Meeting