Public Coordinator Domestic Violence

The Public Coordinator for Domestic Violence assists parties filing for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order (DVCPO).  The Public Coordinator reviews information submitted through eFiling, files the case and prepares information for the Magistrate hearing the ex parte (emergency hearing). If a full hearing is set, the Public Coordinator gives the Petitioner the date and time for the full Hearing and any paperwork from the hearing.

The Public Coordinator also maintains the court's filing system for LEADS sheets. These sheets are used to notify law enforcement about the protection order and the parties involved. Other duties include working closely with the Clerk of Court's Office and local police departments to maintain the domestic violence filings.  
For more information about Civil Protection Orders can be found in the Ohio Revised Code Section 3113.31. If you need more information about our Court's Domestic Violence services, click DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (

Public Coordinator - Domestic Violence 
Phone: (937) 496-6859 
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