Mediation Services

The Mediation Department has the primary responsibility of offering ‘dispute resolution’ that differs from a traditional court hearing.  Mediation services are available to parties who want to resolve conflict surrounding an open divorce, dissolution, or legal separation, pre-decree or post-decree case. Mediators provide an opportunity for the parties to discuss matters before the Court and develop a resolution that is acceptable to both of them. The mediators do not make any decisions regarding the parties’ case; they facilitate discussion. Parties must make an honest effort to resolve their issues and should be willing to listen to the other side explain their perspective.

Cases pending before the Court may be referred to the Mediation Department by the Judge or Magistrate, or the parties may request mediation services.  Mediations can be held in person or virtually, by request. The Court has mediators in multiple departments who will assist in this process.

If you need more information or need information about a scheduled mediation, please contact the Mediation Specialist at (937) 225-4539.  

Special Note:  If there is not an open case or motion in Domestic Relations Court, the Dayton Mediation Center may be able to mediate your issue. 

Mediation Documents:
Agreement to Mediate
Confidential Mediation Questionnaire