Magistrates are attorneys appointed by court with the primary duty of hearing cases referred by the Judges. The Court has full and part-time Magistrates among its staff. Magistrates may answer procedural and other questions. They are not allowed to discuss a case with either party (or their attorney) if the other party / attorney is not present.  Magistrates write articles for legal publications, make presentations at legal seminars and participate on special projects of the Court.  While Magistrates often issue their own decisions, they can also facilitate party settlements in mediation or by working with parties on agreed orders. A Judge will review all of the Magistrates decisions before it becomes a permanent order of the court.  

The Legal Secretary Department supports the magistrates by preparing court orders, reports, forms, memos and correspondence.  They are the point of contact for self-represented parties and attorneys and are responsible for maintaining files, including confidential materials.  The legal secretaries may also assist the Judges in preparing final decisions, and they regularly coordinate with other court departments and agencies.



Chief Magistrate Elaine Stoermer

 (937) 225-6061

Magistrate Jacqueline Gaines

 (937) 496-3009

Magistrate Kenneth Krochmal


Magistrate Erin Otis

 (937) 225-4330

Magistrate Jennifer Petrella


Magistrate Barbara Reno

 (937) 496-3009

Magistrate J. Andrew Root

 (937) 225-4102

Magistrate Nicholas Sylvain

 (937) 225-4102

Magistrate Kathryn Shields

 (937) 225-5483

Temporary Orders    

 (937) 225-4100