Family Relations Department

Family Relations are appointed by a Judge or Magistrate to serve as investigators on cases where custody and parenting time is being decided by the Court. Investigators meet and interview interested parties and children.  They gathering information from counselors and other agencies, and review virtual home visits. A report with recommendations is prepared for the Court and provided to the parties or their attorneys, if they have retained counsel.

Family Investigators are also available to assist parents coordinate a workable parenting time plan through Parenting Time Coordination, and are often called upon to act as mediators on cases they aren’t investigating.  Those investigators who are licensed social workers or counselors may also provide conciliation counseling. This is offered to couple who are attempting to reconcile their differences and preserve their marriage. Conciliation is offered to couples whether or not there is an active case with the Court.

You can contact the Family Relations Department at 937-225-4191 for more information on these services.

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