Court Administration

Appointed by Judge Cross, two attorney Administrators have the primary responsibility of overseeing Court departments and day-to-day functions.  Duties are divided between court and legal operations. 

Court Administrator

The Court Administrator’s primary duties are to attend to public and staff relations, as well as the safety and welfare of all participants in the Domestic Relations Court.  This administrator assists in program development, payroll, budget and inventory control, contract oversight and manages staff directly related to the support of the courtrooms and daily operations. The Court Administrator also assists in case management and special projects in conjunction with the Legal Administrator.  

Legal Administrator

The Legal Administrator’s primary duties are to provide oversight of the magistrates and legal support staff and maintain relations among the attorneys and legal community practicing in Domestic Relations Court.  This administrator assists in maintaining the Court’s Local Rules, providing legal training and assuring magistrates provide timely and consistent decisions.  The Legal Administrator also assists on special projects and daily operations in conjunction with the Court Administrator. 

Court Administrator Jennifer Petrella
(937) 225-6060 

Legal Administrator Elaine Stoermer
(937) 225-6061