Compliance Office

The Compliance Office consists of a Manager and five (5) staff. Compliance Officers have the primary responsibilities of reviewing paperwork prepared by self-represented litigants for compliance with local rules, prior to filing. Compliance Officers also review decrees submitted involving child and spousal support, whether submitted by an attorney or self-represented litigant. In addition to the above, the Compliance Officers prepare modifications, terminations and establishment of arrearage payments for the Judges.

If you haven’t submitted any paperwork yet, and want to know more about the process, please call the Court Navigator at 937-496-7766.

Compliance Officers are assigned by the first letter of the Petitioner or Plaintiff's last name at the time of the divorce.

Please check assignment table.

First Letter of Last Name Compliance Officer Telephone Number
A, B, C   (937)225-6053
E, F, G, H (937)224-3873
D, I, J, K L (937)225-6031
M, N, O, P, Q, R (937)225-6059
S, T, U, V (937)496-3397
Manager; W, X, Y, Z (937)225-6050