Options to Resolve Your Family Matters

Many people think that once you go to Court you MUST have a trial.  Some couples and families do need the Court to make a decision. However, the Court has other options that may help you resolve your matter before going to trial. 

Conciliationparties who are unsure whether they want to end their marriage can request Conciliation services from our Family Relations Department. These services can be given BEFORE OR AFTER a party has a filing with the court. Extra time is given to the parties who request Conciliation so they can seek professional counseling through their insurance, or request our list of Counseling Resources. 

For more information on Conciliation, refer to the Court’s Local Rule 4.35 and call our Family Relations Department at

Mediationparties who want to talk through the issues that brought them to Court, may request a mediation.  Domestic Relations Court has trained staff mediators who assist in effective and safe communication between parties. They give both parties an opportunity to express what they want to see in their agreement and will prepare the agreement in writing.  The agreement may resolve all of some of the issues, and anything unresolved can be heard on the traditional court docket.   Specifics on the Mediation process are in the Court’s Local Rule 4.36.  To request a Mediation on an existing case, a party should file a motion and /or call the Mediation Department at 937-225-4539.

Agreed Entryas parties navigate the Court process, they may find agreement on the issues that brought them to the Court, but want a Court Order, to make this agreement enforceable.  Parties and/or their counsel can present an Agreed Entry to the Court.  If appropriate, the Court may adopt the agreement and make it an Order of the Court in their case. 

Parenting Time Coordination – the Court’s Family Investigators can assist parties in developing a parenting time schedule that will work for their family.  This can be done on a case either BEFORE or AFTER the marriage has been terminated.  To find out more specifics on this process, review the Court’s Local Rule 4.37, refer to the Court’s Local Rule 4.37.  Parenting Time Coordination can be requested by a party and/or their attorney by filing a motion.