Interpreter Services 

Do you need an Interpreter on your case?  
Please contact the Court, by calling 937-224-8747.  The Court Operations’ Specialist will be happy to arrange for an interpreter to assist the party at the hearing or for other Court scheduled events, such as a Mediation or Family Investigation.  The Court also has additional accommodations that can be made for the Parent Education class.  Interpreters may be provided in person or via telephonic communication. Pursuant to Local Rule 4.03, if the need for an interpreter is no longer required, please call the number above to cancel or re-schedule the service.  Failure to contact the Court may result in payment of any cancellation fee.

Service Animals 
Compliance with the American Disability Act for SERVICE ANIMALS
The Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court accommodates service animals - animals individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability – in public areas and courtrooms. Please note, in accordance with Local Rule 4.03, individuals may be asked to remove emotional support animals or disruptive service animals from the premises.