eFiling Information

 Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division requires all attorneys to file pleadings through the Electronic Filing System (eFiling).  Self-Represented parties may elect to opt-in to eFiling. 

Approved pleadings are time-stamped by a computer process and stored in the Clerk’s computer, instead of on a shelf.  The system sends copies of the time-stamped pleadings and decisions to all attorneys/registered eFiling parties.  Self-represented parties will submit their pleadings to the Court’s Compliance office for approval.  Once approved, the self-represented parties who are not registered with the eFiling system will take their paper pleadings to the Clerk’s Office to get them submitted to the eFiling system. Non-registered parties will continue to receive paper copies of pleadings and decisions by mail. All attorneys and registered self-represented parties will instead receive a notification of electronic filing. They will then enter the eFiling system to retrieve the filed documentation. 

All attorneys, and any self-represented parties who so elect, may apply to use eFiling, by contacting the Clerk of Courts at the following link:  www.mcclerkofcourts.org.

eFiling User Manual
eFiling training for Attorneys Powerpoint 
eFiling Recorded Webinar Training